2012 Professional BBQ Contest Winners

Grand Champions – Killer B’s BBQ

Grand Champions Killer B's BBQ

Reserve Grand Champion    Old Plantation BBQ

3rd Place                                     The Grillerteers

4th Place                                     Holy Smokes

5th Place                                     AnarQue

6th Place                                     U Rub Me Raw

7th Place                                     Chatham Artillery BBQ

8th Place                                     Doghouse BBQ

9th Place                                    Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse

10th Place                                  Party Fowl

                           Chicken                                        Ribs

1st          U Rub Me Raw                                       Old Plantation BBQ

2nd        Waylon’s Wickedly Good Q                 Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse

3rd         The Grillerteers                                     Holy Smokes

4th         Chatham Artillery BBQ                        AnarQue

5th          Holy Smokes                                          Hoggin’ the Sauce BBQ

6th          Killer B’s BBQ                                        The Grillerteers

7th           Kinchafoonee Cookers                         Killer B’s BBQ

8th           Munchee’s Smokehouse                      Party Fowl BBQ

9th           Big “J” and the Butts                            Smokin Swine BBQ Crew

10th        Old Plantation                                        Munchee’s Smokehouse

                           Pork                                           Brisket

1st            The Grillerteers                                      Killer B’s BBQ

2nd          BS-N-Jess                                                AnarQue

3rd           Killer B’s BBQ                                         Old Plantation BBQ

4th           Johnny Mitchell’s Smokehouse           U Rub Me Raw

5th           Party Fowl BBQ                                       Naw-Da-Bone

6th           Old Plantation BBQ                                Holy Smokes

7th           Doghouse BBQ                                         Doghouse BBQ

8th           E.T.’s BBQ                                                Chatham Artillery BBQ

9th           Munchee’s Smokehouse                        Waylon’s Wickedly Good Q

10th         Chatham Artillery BBQ                          The Grillerteers